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You have a question before sending us a listing request? Ask it here! Expect a reply within 24 hours.

We offer the best experience for purchasing used brewing equipment in a few simple steps! Basically our service enables you to make an offer on equipment you would like to purchase.

  1. Find the equipment you would like
  2. Click the MAKE AN OFFER button
  3. We will receive your offer and we will negotiate with you
  4. Once we have agreed on a price we will relay that offer to the seller for their approval.
  5. Once the seller approves the final offer we will send you an invoice for payment.
  6. Once payment has been received the equipment will be released. You will receive a written confirmation.

If you require help with extraction and logistics we can help with that based on a  service fee which varies depending on where the equipment is located and how complex the extraction is.