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You have a question before sending us a listing request? Ask it here! Expect a reply within 24 hours.

Streamlining the process of listing your equipment or supplies on our marketplace is a breeze! Not only is it user-friendly, but our fee structure is also highly competitive. We pride ourselves on offering transparent and reasonable rates based on the final selling price of your items:

  • 20% for equipment valued below $1,000*
  • 15% for equipment priced between $1,001 and $10,000*
  • 10% for equipment exceeding $10,001*

*Based on the final selling price

The process is as follow


  1. Submit your equipment details and photos through this page 

    If you have any questions there is a field at the end of the form but you can also ask your question prior to submitting your info right here using the form provided on this page.


  2. We will receive your information and we will proceed on creating your listing. If we need more information or require clarification we will contact you


  3. We will send you a link of your active listing once it has been posted in the marketplace. If you require any changes at any point in time just send us a message


  4. Potential buyers will make an offer on your items and we will negotiate the highest price. Our commission is based on the final price so we are looking at negotiating the highest price.


  5. Once you have approved the final offer, we will invoice and collect the payment from the buyer. Once received we will invoice you for our seller fee and once that payment is received we will release your funds. 

That’s it!
If you need our help in extracting the equipment, crating and shipping it, we can provide such service. That will be quoted accordingly on request.